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A loner named Frankie enters a bar in a nowhere town, looking for a man no one seems to know, until a chance meeting in the ladies' room with an ill-tempered local lets Frankie know she's in the right place. Frankie befriends this disturbed barfly and discovers they were both screwed over by the same man: Fenton Bailey. Their bonding is cut short, however, when Frankie shares a secret that pushes her new friend over the edge, throwing Frankie face-first into a world
where she doesn’t belong.

Frankie knows a bit too much about Fenton for her own good, and there are those who plan on keeping her from ever finding him. But Frankie is far more determined than expected. Her journey turns into a non-stop grotesque battle for revenge ... and somebody ain't getting out alive.


THE BIG BAD blends the bizarre mystery of David Lynch and creeping horror of John Carpenter with the vengeance of KILL BILL and madness of THE EVIL DEAD.